Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle (“Boyle” to many) passed away unexpectedly but peacefully in his home on February 3rd at the age of 39. Chris was a beloved friend, husband, son, and all-around fantastic human being.


Chris Boyle (“Boyle” to many) passed away suddenly but peacefully in his home on February 3rd at the age of 39.

He was loved more than he could ever know. He will be missed by so many – his wife of 14 years Jennifer, their cat Odo, his Mom Cheri, and sisters DeeDee and Tonja – along with endless other family, friends, and work-family.

Chris was so generous and kind and always thought of others before himself. He would do anything to help the people he cared about and went out of his way to encourage and support them in whatever their hearts desired.

This was especially true when it came to his wife, Jen. No matter how many different hobbies, business ideas, or passion projects she came up with over the years, he was right behind her every time. He helped her make it happen even when she wasn’t so sure of it herself. He was her best friend, her other half, and her #1 fan.

Chris was extremely intelligent, and even as a young boy, he was determined to learn everything he could as quickly as possible. He was a National Merit Scholar and, at one time, the Youngest Eagle Scout in the entire state of Missouri.

But he wasn’t just a brilliant mind; Chris also worked hard to support his family. He managed to accomplish so much, even in just the past few years! Chris went from a restaurant manager to a freelance web developer in just one year before finding his work-family and becoming a full-time Jr. Engineer. He quickly earned multiple promotions due to his dedication and his support to all those working above and below him. Last year, he achieved the position of Senior Director of Platform Engineering.

Because of all this hard work, Chris and Jennifer finally moved into a beautiful new home that they were so proud of!

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To let Chris speak in his own words, in 2017, during the women’s marches, he posted this message to the women in his life.

This post is a fitting tribute to the kind of person Chris was:

“I was born to an incredibly kind and loving mother who gave everything she had to raise me and teach me her kindness. When she passed away at far too young an age, I was taken in by my strong and caring aunt who put her own life aside to take in a scared 8 year old and teach him how to be brave and independent. Without siblings of my own, her two talented and intelligent daughters took me in as their brother without a second thought and taught me their confidence.

I grew up and fell in love with a beautiful and brilliant woman who amazes me every day and I know she was shaped into the person she is by her amazing family and all the incredible women who raised her and who I have been fortunate enough to come to know and love as well.

Many of the teachers who had the greatest influence on me were women. Many of my oldest and dearest friends are women. Every day I go into work and am blown away by the smart and strong women I have the fortune of calling my teammates. There is not a single part of me that would be what I am today were it not for all these women.”